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FASTLANE HOBBIES X0-1 2028 Motor Mount.

With Fastlane Upper Cross Support you can utilize a wide array of pinion sizes with more expansion room than the factory mount or any other aftermarket mount while keeping the motor and ESC balanced at the center of the Chassis. Hands down the best XO-1 products on the market.


​FASTLANE Recommends our Custom Wound TP5860 1440 and Alien ESC with the 2028 mount on 8s. We also have a new 2000Kv 6s 58x107 motor and a new 1225KV 8s 22hp motor for those Extreme applications using our Carbon Fiber Chassis and forward mounted ESC, battery tray, and lower support for optimal balancing. Everything on the Chassis is redesigned. 

Pictured below is the world's first ​MUGEN MGT7 CARBON FIBER 360mm wheelbase chassis. A one of a Kind cross breed offering a wheelbase the same as the famed Kyosho Inferno GT2 that has triumphed over Mugen in High Speed Runs until now. The added Chassis length has given characteristics to handling in performance that has brought this state of the art chassis to the forefront of today's Radio controlled technology. With improved aerodynamics and our proprietary central mounted center diff it allows two batteries to remain on the chassis without additional apparatuses attached causing wind drag and added weight. This chassis weighs less than the stock chassis, its longer, thicker, and stronger, and certain to handle those high speed 175 mph impacts. Add our custom Delrin battery trays, Custom drive line, front Bumper Assembly, rear diffuser, and additional lightened high strength add on parts with your favorite Delta Plastiks 360 mm body that we keep in inventory. We can build you an amazing MGT7 ground up that will put your friends to shame in the high speed run game. Bolt on that TP Power 8s, 10s, or 12s motors. Whatever your budget allows we can help you obtain. Text us any time at 1-833-4RC-CARS to put together a Custom build sheet for you.​ Custom Carbon Fiber Chassis's are Manufactured right here at Fastlane Hobbies for any application. We use Industrial Military CF unlike any other Hobby Company our Carbon Fiber is the Highest grade available and far superior to anything else used on the market. It is 4.2 mm to 6.5 mm thick depending upon application and significantly lighter than a 3-4 mm alloy chassis. Chassis's and components sold separately or in custom builds.

1/7 Scale Kyosho Inferno with X0-1 Body

Fastlanes Castle ESC mount is machined from billet material. Utilizing the battery forward setup you can lock down 4s batteries so the stay put in the chassis during those high speed runs.

Kyosho/Mugen/X0-1 Carbon Fiber Chassis's, Center Diffs, and Spools.


The XO-1 may be the Protégé that has been over looked since its debut. Because of it we have been inspired to build an all new 1/7 Kyosho Inferno (pictured above). A Full on Carbon Fiber Chassis Made from Industrial/Military Grade CF that is not only unbreakable this Lightweight platform has revamped the car as we know it. With JX 425oz servo upgrade, CF shock Towers, CF a-arms, G-made custom shocks, forward mount center diff with side by side battery trays we have now implemented weight forward and balanced out the failures left aside by the manufacturers that enable rear heavy rc cars imbalanced left to right, corner to corner, it now sits as a truly optimal Speed Demon you will enjoy..

11/08/2018 UPDATE: We are currently 9-11 business days behind processing orders of certain items. What this means is once order processing begins it may be another 2-3 days after you receive tracking confirmation before your item departs. PLEASE NOTE: The US Postal driver who picks up has notified Fastlane Hobbies that USPS handheld scanners have been reprogrammed and the drivers can no longer scan for departure scans so your item may look like it hasn't shipped until it arrives to you. Items over $100 in the USA typically ship 2-3 day priority and items under $100 ship parcel 2-9 business days. This is unfortunate and inconvenient for everyone so if you want tracking please do a phone order and request UPS shipping for an additional fee. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us by phone and request a RMA number and acquire the proper return instructions at that time.

Fastlane Hobbies 1/7 scale Kyosho Inferno GT2 chassis setup to use an XO-1 Body with custom bumper kit and proprietary center diff, completely balanced and weighted forward. Finally a Speed Run Car that is lightweight and a stable platform for 150 plus mph.

Fastlane Hobbies Traxxas X0-1 Custom Built For You!

With Fastlane Upper Cross Support and lower center support you drop the motor down for lower center of gravity, utilize our Racing spools, and all with a shift of weight center and forward to help keep your Speed Demon grounded above 100mph.

Custom X0-1's and Parts available at Fastlane Hobbies

4.2mm Ultra Carbon Fiber Chassis's and Motor Mounts
Kyosho/Mugen Center Diff Options


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​XO-1 Top Chassis Brace Motor Mount

MUGEN SIEKI MGT7 Custom Builds and Kit Cars Available at Fastlane Hobbies.

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