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X-Maxx Alloy Upgrade Suspension

Custom MonstaMaxx-X-Maxx Trucks are a Specialty

Free Gift with Every Stock X-Maxx purchased.

Each mount has a degree of additional work involved in machining and is comprised from a different piece of material. The actual size of the mount may vary upon machining after material is removed to true the product. The 1/2" is not a 1/2" at the face but the base rails are approx. maintained at 1/2' as well the right angle braced corners are thicker/taller as is the same with the 4" Cradle, "our pride and Elite mount". There is nothing like it in the world. It is a premium high grade quality X-Maxx motor mount for Elite owners.

​Rooftop Skid rails pictured below.

X-Maxx Chassis and Accessory Upgrades, Servos, Bumpers, etc...
X-MAXX Drivetrain and Suspension

MonstaMaxx-X Motor Mount

Carefully Engineered for Extreme Duty and Each Part is individually made by hand to be an exact fitment for your X-Maxx including all the necessary Hardware to install and various options to fit your individual needs. Includes a Billet Receiver box adding additional lateral strength to the chassis, Custom Billet Esc plate houses the Servo, hides the wiring, and covers the receiver all in one sealed compartment by a Eva foam gasket. Stainless Screws, Tekno battery trays, Servo Horn, Titanium Steering Linkage. Complete Kits start at $749.99. Add one to your Custom build and get a rare opportunity to obtain a limited run chassis. Take advantage of the one time, one rate labor fee and get as much done to your truck as you can. Custom Chassis assemblies are currently a 4-5 month wait.


Alloy Slipper Cover. Recommended for Use with all our Slipper Eliminator Assemblies.

X-Maxx Hardened Gear Heads Gears and Kits

The Multi-point ESC plate has the ability to be used in a forward position allowing complete access to your receiver box utilizing supplied hardware and existing rail pedestals. These are Currently Only available if You purchase a Mount.

Heatsinks and Fastlane Turbo Fans

Hot Racing, Integy, Proline, and more. Whatever you can imagine we probably stock it or can get it in a reasonable time. Any parts you want prebuilt on a truck can be obtained with our one time shop rate of $165.00. 

Reuse that old X-Maxx motor and install our bearing plate. 

​With so many 1600kv and 1225kv motors floating around out there why not reuse them? With Fastlane Hobbies bearing plate you not only get an upgraded oversized bearing you get to reuse that tank sitting in the drawer. An excellent choice for an 1/8 scale conversions. Our bearing plates also come with 25mm and 30mm fastener patterns so you can utilize them on any motor mount or keep as a backup after upgrading your X-Maxx. A must have for Hobby enthusiast. Comes with stainless hardware and bearing. You can find them on our Bearings and Adapters page by clickingHere! Here!

Xtreme MonstaMaxx-X Custom Billet Chassis


Notice the extra attention to detail? The durability? Threaded Holes versus nuts and screws. As Each stage of Chassis is completed further details are improved upon.

Custom Billet Heatsinks with Twin Turbo 18,500 RPM fans, Billet fan covers and LED's. 

The Elite Cradle is cut from a solid block of 4" 6061 with a vertical grain change for added strength.

The Lower Skid Kits are made per order and will require a 2-3 week turn around from time of purchase as with many custom parts that are made to order. If you have a factory Traxxas Chassis please call or text and let us know so we can make adjustments for your application. Minor modifications may be required.

NEW Mod 1.5 X-Maxx Spur Conversions

RTR X-Maxx Trucks and Custom Chassis's.

Hot Racing And More Upgrades

Spur Gears are custom fitted to the axle and at this time we are offering 45, 50, and 55 tooth Module 1 options and 30/35 tooth Module 1.5. Stay tuned as we have a full line of durable Delrin pinions coming. Gears are 10-12 mm wide and work best with our New Fastlane Pinions.

Prebuilt X-Maxx trucks below include Hobbywing Max 5 ESC, Fastlane Motor Mount and ESC plate, TP 5660 8s custom wind basher series motor, Piggyback shocks, Proline Wheels/tires, Suspension Limiter straps, Pinion/Spur gears, alloy gear cover, Proline Raptor body, complete assembly and electronics warranty.

Please Note: Pearl Paint is Commercially finished and may exhibit minor imperfections.

US Patent Pending


X-Maxx Parts, Slippers, Gears, Mounts, and more...


XMAXX 6s and 8s Axle & Wheel Adapter Upgrades

All Products Come Pre polished. Some products pictured may be right out of machining and deburr and prior to polishing.

USA Shipping is Free on Website orders.

​MonstaMaxx-X Slipper Eliminator Custom made from hardened steel with a Custom fitted Pinion to reduce rotating mass and eliminate the factory thrust slop that you noticed in your trucks. Comes complete with a new shaft, choice of gear, forward bearing, and set through pin. You will need to reuse rear bearing and 20t gear.

Prebuilt X-Maxx Trucks with Raptor Painted Body
Paint backing choice

TM. US Patent Pending.

Billet Alloy Chassis's with Lifetime Guarantee's and all the Alloy Upgrades You Can Dream Of! We Test every product we sell. Please Inquire about Warranty Details for further clarification regarding our Corporate Policy.

Hardened X-Maxx Gear Head differential gear sets. Each set is only sold in pairs. Each set of gears are heated to proper temp in a Forge, tempered and then processed according to our proprietary method. Each gear is internally hardened and then surface hardened. In the Drop Down Menu you will have several options. If you choose the spiders and out drives please note we do not provide shim or seal kits with these like those included with Traxxas gears. You will need to reuse your old ones or buy new ones. Pinion Shims are Axial AX31269 and require a minimum of 2 per pinion. We also have options with Torsional drive Transmission gear upgrades, Billet Diff Cups, and so on. Any questions feel free to contact us.

Fastlane Hobbies inventories and distributes over 500,000 manufacturer products. If you do not see what you want please contact us and we will send you an invoice for the product you seek. Keep Checking back as we continue to update our website with more parts every week and don't hesitate to inquire about any product not yet listed.

TM. US Patent Pending.

Custom Skids Plate's Available.

Pinion Page can be found HERE...

OEM Style X-Maxx Slipper Eliminator's and Spurs
More X-Maxx Slipper Eliminator's and Spurs
MonstaMaxx-X 1/5 Motor Mounts

We Manufacture several variations of the X-Maxx Motor mount each with a Unique feature that sets it apart from the next. Mounnts can be purchased together with ESC plate at a discount in our pulldown tab or sell separately and shipping is included Free to anywhere in the Continental United States. The 1/2 mount is machined on all sides to perfect the surface square similar to our cradle which is milled from a 4 inch billet block and has a vertical grain change for added strength. Rest assured our mounts are durable and guaranteed for Life to the original owner that they will never crack, bend, or break during use. No other mount is stronger.

X-Maxx 6s to 8s Basic Conversion Parts
NEW X-Maxx Mod 1 Fastlane Slipper Eliminator Spur Assemblies
8s X-Maxx Stock Trucks and Body Accesories

​MonstaMaxx-X Motor Mounts and ESC Multi-point mount plate 

X-Maxx Unbreakable Body Skids