09/28/2018 UPDATE: We are currently 10 business days behind processing orders. Our Business Hours are located at the bottom of the home page. Please note: We have a new address. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us and request a RMA number and acquire the proper address at that time. It is your responsibility if you ship anything to the incorrect address and it is lost and/or returned to you. If you are a Toys R Us customer you have been mistakenly directed here by Square Trade or another misinformed party. Toys R Us, now closed, had a House brand product called Fast Lane. You can google Toys R Us House products and find a list with this brand name. Unfortunately we have never supported nor made parts for those products so we cannot help you. 




Home and small commercial Closed Loop waterjet tables starting at $8999.99 with adjustable running pressures from 15,000psi up to 47,000psi through high pressure Ruby nozzles. Depending upon your table requirements, pressures needed, and speed of table there will be dozens of options available for a custom waterjet table to suit your needs from hobby to small production. Control panel and software options available from a variety of suppliers or you may purchase a waterjet kit and build your own. Basic closed loop parts kits start at $3999.99. 

If there is any custom machinery and parts you need while this page is in development please call the shop at 1-833-472-2277 and we can order in what you need from high powered integrated 3000rpm (loaded) 4200rpm (unloaded) servos starting at $179.99 each as well numerous other parts, linear rails, control panels, extruded frames, custom bracketry, mounting, 24v, 120v, 220v heat beds, embedded alloy silicone heaters, glass inserts, etc... Have a DWG file? Send it to us for a quote and we can get it made for you.