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04/09/2018 UPDATE: Fastlane Hobbies would like to announce our New gears, X-Maxx Dualies, XO-1 spools, and many more XO-1 products are now being manufactured. For those of you who haven't updated to our new phone number please do so. Text messages work and KIK messaging for technical support.  We are currently 1-2 weeks out on custom orders. Check out our TP Power brushless motors. We have the only custom winds available. *Those confusing Toys R US Fast Lane brand with us please note those are manufactured by Toys R Us and we have no association with Toys R Us. We Do not manufacture plastic toys for kids.

Corporate Policies and Worldwide Shipping:

​We have had many requests for International Shipping. International Shipping complicates our services and Warranty offered. Because of this our Policy is the following.

1.) International Customers: We currently only ship to Canada and those pre-approved via Distributorships and Specifics Countries with prior approval. Any unapproved purchases will be refunded. International orders will be responsible for all shipping costs even on canceled orders. No exceptions. Once the order starts processing postage is printed and can take 1-2 weeks prior to leaving our facility to fulfill your order therefore shipping costs have been paid and are deemed non refundable with no exceptions.

2.) Other Manufacturers Products: Any Warranties on product are dealt directly through the specified manufacturer and parts should not be returned to us. This also applies to all USA purchases sold in the USA by Fastlane Hobbies LLC regarding other manufacturers branded products. We are not authorized to warranty, exchange, or refund any other manufacturers product nor did we design and build it so it is your responsibilty to contact Original Manufacturer. Be certain you fill out all warranty information upon receiving product for those manufacturers. Any attempt to file a charge back of any type against Fastlane Hobbies Will result in all applicable costs, fees, surcharges, etc.., to be deployed by a collection agency of our choosing to mark against your credit and make all fair attempt to return the monies you stole from us. You will also be banned from all future purchases forever from us and those manufacturers, retailers that we work closely with. No other company, club, or personal ideology will take precedence over this Corporate Policy regardless where you purchase from. If you disagree DO NOT PURCHASE any product.

3.) Fastlane Hobbies Products: All Fastlane Hobbies product warranties DO NOT apply to any International purchasers. By purchasing you agree to purchase as is and resale as/is following your local law and accepting the responsibility in entirety for those purchases. All lower contingent 48 state USA customers are Required to pay Return Shipping for Fastlane Hobbies parts to be inspected and if warrantied at our discretion  additional shipping for any replacement parts shipped back to you. Any part not returned within 5 days of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) will be treated as neglect and forfeiture of any and all warranty herien.

4.) Returns and Exchanges: Any non Fastlane Hobby parts returned to us will be returned back to the customer at their expense or held here and accrue a storage fee of $10/wk until customer accepts return of the product. We are not Traxxas, Losi, Leopard, Tekin, Integy, Hot Racing, TP Power, Castle Creations, or any other companies return and exchange department. If you feel you have a defective product from any manufacturer besides Fastlane Hobbies than it is your adult responsibility to call their technical support and follow through with an RMA should one be necessary. No exceptions and it doesn't matter if another manufacturers product arrived to you with issue. We are simply middleman warehouse for others products not their warranty exchange program. When you buy from any other online Hobby company you call the original manufacturer. i.e. "We didn't build it and we didn't break it".  We are also not their technical department nor should we be expected to provide such services that are draining and prevent us from manufacturing and conducting business with those who've already paid for their parts. We don't have the staffing, nor the authority to handle other manufacturers product issues. Therefore, If you have a product question regarding other manufacturers products please seek their assistance. Any Electronics or Brushless motors sold are non-refundable and sold "AS IS". Please seek manufacturer for their warranty and exchange program prior to purchasing. Fastlane has limited branded Electronic products and they may come with a Limited warranty as follows. Power supplies made by us are 1 year from date of purchase to original purchaser only. BEC's, Cap packs, and any other electronic device has a 7 day exchange only if product has not been used and in original sealed packaging. Any used or open packaged electronics have no warranty. All of our parts are tested before they leave and were well aware of their functional condition. Any use, improper use, installation, etc.., is at the sole discretion of end user and you are expected to understand what you are purchasing or contract a Professional Hobby Service to aid you in your upgrade/repair. We Do Not supply instructions with our products. You are expected to have some understanding and utilize Loctite, Professional help, soldering, or any other various technique that is typical in the RC Hobby Community. Please Do Not assume or have unnecessary expectations of any particular product. If you don not understand how it is installed, or how it can be used you should consult your local professional Hobby Shop or refrain from purchasing parts requiring technical knowledge above your experience or that of your installer.  

5.) Custom Orders:When you make an order do not continue to call us and ask where it is or you will be refunded less shipping and a 20% surcharge. It is busy here and outgoing shipments are always backlogged. Please see contact us page for further information regarding timelines as some Custom build can take several months when dealing with prototype components never manufactured or manufactured in minimal quantities. If you ordered a custom part it is in queue to be "Custom made for you!". Every product we make requires full payment up front and to fit it within our working schedule to be manufactured per order. Any canceled orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee and the cost of any prepaid postage. If this doesn't work for you than don't purchase Custom parts from us. Hand made parts take time as well inventory discrepancies or manufacturers who have us on backorder can delay outgoing shipments. Pretty simple and the fact many have grown up in a fast food world this is the wrong business to expect those speedy services from. We understand you're anxious. Were just as anxious to fulfill your order. Our custom fabrication is in high demand and most customers understand waiting on unique one off products is a requirement in buying hand made products. Each part is individually made on a manual lathe or manual (hand crank) mill. We do not have production capabilities here yet and specialize in one off products. I.E; If each part takes 2 hours on average to produce how quickly do you think we will get to your part knowing 45 are ahead of you? This isn't including all of our current in house builds or standard sale OEM products from other manufactures so imagine the time involved if this were you. OEM parts in stock will ship within 2-4 business days and if drop shipped from our warehouse than 1-2 days. Custom parts no less than 3 weeks on average. The many custom parts we manufacture also require additional parts to complete so if you order one that requires we obtain parts elsewhere this just lengthens that timeline. Bottom line, "Don't order custom parts unless you are willing to wait until they are shipped and on our schedule so we can keep customers in queue ahead of you that were their first. If you want a part immediately we suggest checking with one of our many vendors on eBay. Please note you will pay 15-20% more through those venues to get it right away. Tracking is how we put your products in queue. It doesn't necessarily mean your part shipped that day or the next. Our timeline can change at any given day for various reasons including broken down equipment, tooling, product availability, custom parts necessary to complete specific application processes, defective products we find after testing and need to rework or reorder, and so on. We experience the same issues you do when it comes to other manufacturers and we don't always know exactly when their product will arrive despite given a best approximation and currently we do not have an inventory management system available from our Web host. As you know many products come from China and its probably coming via an Ocean liner. Given our staff size and small equipment we ask that you be patient and your product will arrive in due time. In some cases we have to wait 8-12 weeks for products used to make custom parts. Again, If any of this is unacceptable to you please do not purchase anything from us. Thank you for your understanding.

​6.) Fastlane Hobbies Product Warranties: All 6061 Aluminum products manufactured by us are Lifetime guaranteed. You will be required to send the old part back to us for inspection and once inspected and we determine the cause we will manufacturer a better part in hopes of eliminating the issue that allowed the failure to occur in the first place. This is for exchange of product only! All parts are tested for fitment and use prior to shipping and therfore may have signs of testing to ensure fitment. We Do Not warranty minor cosmetic conditions where product is usable as products typically show signs of machining and should be expected too. Similar or upgraded products will be returned to you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for any warranties. Gears are shipped in clear sealed packages. They must be returned in that packaging for exchange only. Electronics are as stated above and no exceptions. They are NOT warrantied by us and this also includes any LiPo batteries. See individual Manufacturer for their warranty. If you believe you have a Electronics/Battery warranty you will need to contact that manufacturer and by purchasing from us you understand that if they offer warranty it is likely for exchange of product only, and only by the original manufacturer. Accept accountability for yourself and realize you enjoy a fragile hobby and things do go wrong on occasion. If it is our issue upon inspection we would happily exchange a Fastlane product for you. Any signs of pry marks, customization by customer, hammer marks, etc.., are immediate forfeiture of warranty. Do not purchase anything from us if you think it can be returned for money back. While we strive to manufacture and brand only the most durable products its imminent that eventually an issue will occur and that only means you get to be part of something bigger in developing better products for the future of this Hobby. We reserve the right to exchange a product for something that may have visual or size characteristics differing from the original product however meant to serve the same purpose.

*Thank You For you Understanding and Patronage. Please check this page periodically as we reserve the right to change and/or amend this policy at any given time without notice.