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Universal and Direct Fit Center Diff Spools

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Mod 1.5 Pinions

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MoD 1.5 Pinions

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5mm Bore Mod 1 PINIONS

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  • ​Mod1 -out of stock- 35t 8mm bore
  • ​Mod1 -out of stock- 65t 8mm bore

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8mm Bore Mod 1 Pinions

Each Center Diff Spool Is made from premium hardened materials. Due to the varying differences in Center Diffs we chose to make them universal However we can make them to your exacting measurements for an additional $10 fee. Utilizing Hardened Chrome Axles, 2x Hardened and Tempered gears, and through pin style Cups on our 6mm shafts ensures a durable and lightweight Center Spool that will deliver High Performance for your Rc. Please Note that Bearings are only included with application specific spools and Cups Currently Do not come with our 8mm spools at this time. Universal Spools may require additional fitment with a Dremel. Any Custom Order Request is non refundable and In Purchasing You Agree To our Terms and Conditions.

Universal Hardened Center Diff Spools

When purchasing gears it is important to choose ones appropriate for your RC. Fastlane gears are precise and hardened twice over and than tempered. This is highly uncommon in todays hobby as more and more manufactures produce cheap products. The vast majority of our pinions are 10mm wide, not including the hub so be sure you have the room to utilize the features of a more durable Mod 1 or Mod 1.5 (12mm wide) pinion gear. Currently we do not offer up other pitches or tooth counts other than listed however that will change as we develop more application specific conversion kits and OEM options. We also offer Universal Heavy Duty Hardened Center Diff spools made with our proprietary pinions so if you order a Center diff be certain it is the tooth count you prefer as most are designed to swap the entire spool for a gear swap. The X-Maxx Slipper Eliminators and gear specific applications will be found on their appropriate page. Please keep in mind these gears are in high demand right now and made in small batches.

***All gears have a 30 day exchange against manufacturers defects if returned unused in original sealed packaging so please do a visual inspection before installing. Please note that any gear opened and damaged due to customer use and improper alignment by the user is not warrantable and these are considered consumable products. We suggest using the many online resources including YouTube for informative "how to" videos for proper installation. Gears properly meshed will last a long time and slowly wear over time. The Paper Method works well. The amount of life is solely depicted upon user installation and application. Please understand that due to the precision nature of each gear they can be snug to fit and will require some finesse when installing. Various manufacturers use slightly differing axle sizes in their motors and results may vary from user to user. Every gear is honed and checked for Clearance against a TP standard 8mm shaft. It is recommended you use Red Loctite when applying gear to your application. Do NOT attempt in anyway to tap gear on with a hammer or other device if your axle varies differently than the standards presented here for testing. We are more than happy to hone any gear further to allow more clearance necessary for your application free of charge.


UPDATE: Fastlane Hobbies will be Temporarily Closed the week of 02/18/2018 for equipment upgrades. You may continue ordering as usual although please expect a delay if you choose to do so on certain products that require finishing work prior to shipping or machining requiring use of a lathe. This is one of those interruptions we mentioned would occur over the course of the next 12 months as we progress forward. Please make note of our new phone number if you haven't already and make those changes in your phone contacts.  If you have any questions you may call and leave a message and someone will get back to you throughout the week while we go through this transition. Thank you for your patience and understanding.