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16t-30t 8mm Bore Mod 1 Pinions
NEW 8mm Bore Mod 1 Pinions

Pinions and Other Gear Sets

Universal and Direct Fit Center Diff Spools

Made to Order Please allow 2 weeks.

NEW 8mm Bore Mod 1 Pinions
Mod 1.5 Pinions

MoD 1 Pinions

MoD 1.5 Pinions

Pinions are out of sequential order so check Drop Down Menus as we list them when new inventory arrives. If you dont see what you want than call us were still updating inventory.

New Industrial Gears Now have smaller Step Hubs and can be customized to any application you have. Hub diameters range from 14-18mm in diameter. Standard width of teeth range from 10mm on module 1 and 12mm on module 1.5. If you need a different width please contact us and we will customize for you Free of Charge.

New XO-1 Center diff spools are now shipping. Please visit here to purchase yours today.

8mm Bore Pinions In Below Drop Down Menu's.

5mm Bore Mod 1 PINIONS

XO-1 Center Spool

8mm Bore Mod 1 Pinions

Each Center Diff Spool Is made from premium hardened materials. Due to the varying differences in Center Diffs we chose to make them universal However we can make them to your exacting measurements for an additional Free. Utilizing Hardened Chrome Axles, 2x Hardened and Tempered gears, and optional through pin style Cups on our axle shafts ensures a durable and lightweight Center Spool that will deliver High Performance for your Rc. Please Note that Bearings included are 15mm outside diameter.  Universal Spools may require additional fitment with a Dremel. Any Custom Order Request is non refundable and In Purchasing You Agree To our Terms and Conditions.

Universal Hardened Center Diff Spools

Fastlane is handing all of our gear business as we liquidate the remaining inventory over to a new company here in the USA who has fantastic quality industrial gears made for Hobbyists. The best in the industry. Their site is under construction and coming soon at https://www.dbgears.com

DB Gears (Drive By Gears) is a USA based company next door to us that manufactures a variety of gears up to Modular 2.0 and will be bringing Mod 1.25 to the RC Industry. They manufacture Industrial Quality Gears and Heat Treat by State of the art Induction treatment providing a very hard surface on gears with a softer, stonger core. DB Gears has a vast array of products coming by January 1st and can manufacture gears from 3 tooth to 400 tooth as well an array of HTD3, 5, 8m and various synchronous timing pulleys. Their website is www.dbgears.com and we welcome you to keep an eye on it for their grand opening day. In the meantime you will find some of their test gears for sale on eBay.

ATTENTION: If Inventory is low or out of stock please call.

02/13/2019 UPDATE:Apologies for the late notification. We are only shipping the xmaxx chassis kits during this time to fulfill those order so please do not order anything else at this time. You can see the new chassis kits updated on the XMAXX page. These are limited supply so once all orders are complete we will not be making anymore for another 12 months. We are polishing and pre assembling each kit and shipping at the rate of 4 to 6 per week. There are a limited number of extra kits that we made until out of stock. Please understand we do not have a dedicated person to answer phones nor does our facility have an office and during this time to remain efficient we will not be accepting phone calls or messages. To keep costs down, offer custom products where we can spend signifiacnt hours, days, or more designing superior product within our busy schedule while also absorbing the tooling and fixture expenses we kindly ask for your patience. Thank you for your understanding.

Fastlane Hobbies is proud to announce our new Aircraft alloy Fortal as we integrate the material into our products feel free to request at anytime.