09/17/2018 UPDATE: We have a New address. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us and request an RMA number and acquire the proper address at that time. It is your responsibility if you ship anything to the incorrect address and it is lost and/or returned to you. If you are a Toys R Us customer you have been mistakenly directed here by squaretrade or another misinformed party. Toys R Us now closed had a House brand toy product line called Fast Lane. You can google Toys R Us House products and find a list with this product name on it. Unfortunately we do not support or make parts for those products and cannot help you. We are currently 7-9 business days behind processing orders. Note: *Phone orders will take priority*. Thank You for your patience.



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Fastlane Hobbies is proud to announce our Fastlane Turbo Lithium Polymer batteries. Many were unaware we ventured down this road however after months of testing we are coordinating our efforts to stock a variety of popular lithium batteries. The same quality you expect with Maxamps and better than Promatch is now arriving with our "ALL NEW" Fastlane Turbo lithium battery which offers to be one of the best Lithium batteries in the market of radio controlled toys. With New inventory comes limited supply as we progress forward in expanding our offerings so here you can be part of a pre-order and save money and sharing in our bulk purchase discounts. All of our High Performance soft packs come standard with 8 gauge wiring for high amp draw and 10 gauge for our hard packs. Currently our batteries have no connector or XT90 for your choices. Due to the higher amp draw and warranty purposes we will not offer Deans, XT60, Traxxas, or EC5 connectors. We recommend 9mm bullets, XT150, XT90, or Castle 6.5 connectors.So Plan ahead and buy for less. 3-4 weeks is our average turn around for freshly manufactured lithium batteries.

New Product Pre-Orders

Fastlane Hobbies is proud to announce a New supply of pinion and Spur gears. For months we have been limited by intervals and now you can order on our pinions page. As we continue to order in from our new supplier will will continue growing what is now the most extensive pinion range in Radio controlled history.