07/01/2018 UPDATE: We have a New address. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us and request an RMA number and acquire the proper address at that time. It is your responsibility if you ship anything to the incorrect address and it is lost and/or returned to you. We are in process of updating our shipping labels so do not depend on them for a return address at this time. If you are a Toys R Us customer you have been mistakenly directed here by squaretrade or another misinformed party. Toys R Us now closed had a House brand product called Fast Lane. You can google Toys R Us House products and find a list with this product name on it. Unfortunately we do not support or make parts for those products and cannot help you. For everyone else Thank you for your patience in this transition we officially have CNC machinery operable.




Fastlane Hobbies Sells INTEGY products. Many of our customers were unaware so here we are working on a products page. If there is anything you would like while we are preparing this new page please contact the shop by telephone and we will Invoice your order for you with the products you request. Some of our INTEGY products are vehicle specific and integrated throughout this website. This page will be less model specific covering a wide variety of popular model products.