Monday: 10am- 6pm.

Tuesday: 10am - 9pm.

Wednesday: 10am - 6pm.

Thursday: 10am - 6pm.​ 

Friday: 10am - 5pm

​**Saturday: Closed**

​**Sunday: Closed**

You May Contact the Shop During these Business Hours. Please call toll free 1-833-4RC-CARS or **text** if you are USA or Canadian residents. We Offer KIK messenger Technical Support 7 days a week provided by volunteers.

**Any off hour message will be rejected by our providers server so please use normal business hours for messaging so we can be assured to receive your inquiry. Thank You.

PLEASE NOTE: The shop/s are often running loud machinery while the staff is wearing proper hearing protection it isn't possible to answer the telephone due to noise or costly expense in shutting machinery down during processing. For this reason we would kindly ask that you leave a message on the answering service and someone will call back within 72 hours. If you would like a faster response during business hours Monday through Friday you can actually text message our landline and staff can respond through computer messaging while the equipment is running. Please note: Land lines do not accept mobile attachments so only your text will come through. Text messages only come through during normal business hours. After hours or weekend messages will be rejected by our provider services so it would be best to leave a voice message on the after hours phone service. The most practical time to call is early morning 10 am to 11 am M-F while equipment is being set up with fixtures and tooling. Keep in mind most customers already know this and we can be overwhelmed with excessive phone calls during this time. This is also the best time to get a return call and/or message if you leave a immediate request for call back in the previously mentioned morning hours. Calls made between 11 am and 4 pm will unlikely be answered as staff is working hard to get all current orders processed and ready for delivery. Because we are a custom made to order and a seasonal business this is the best scenario for us and as always we look forward to hearing from you and most of all we appreciate your unending support and purchases. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We offer many preventative maintenance options. From our custom blended silicone oils to upgrade solutions that increase the Longevity and Durability of your Rc's. 

Custom Fab


Family owned and Operated. Experience in Manufacturing, Custom Machining, Lathes, and Hobby grade Rc's.


Corporate owned and Operated. Passionate and experienced staff in prototype manufacturing, custom machining, equipment, and High Performance Hobby grade Rc's.





We offer many preventative maintenance options. From our custom blended silicone oils to upgrade solutions that increase the Longevity and Durability of your Rc's. 


Gear Box

We’re experts in RC fabrication, and offer a wide array of Custom services for you in fabricating one off products for your Rc solutions. Please inquire by email with requests.

09/28/2018 UPDATE: We are currently 10 business days behind processing orders. Our Business Hours are located at the bottom of the home page. Please note: We have a new address. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us and request a RMA number and acquire the proper address at that time. It is your responsibility if you ship anything to the incorrect address and it is lost and/or returned to you. If you are a Toys R Us customer you have been mistakenly directed here by Square Trade or another misinformed party. Toys R Us, now closed, had a House brand product called Fast Lane. You can google Toys R Us House products and find a list with this brand name. Unfortunately we have never supported nor made parts for those products so we cannot help you.