UPDATE: Fastlane Hobbies will be Temporarily Closed the week of 02/18/2018 for equipment upgrades. You may continue ordering as usual although please expect a delay if you choose to do so on certain products that require finishing work prior to shipping or machining requiring use of a lathe. This is one of those interruptions we mentioned would occur over the course of the next 12 months as we progress forward. Please make note of our new phone number if you haven't already and make those changes in your phone contacts.  If you have any questions you may call and leave a message and someone will get back to you throughout the week while we go through this transition. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Fastlane hobbies L.L.C.

Denver, Colorado 80521. USA

For Same Day Response DURING BUSINESS HOURS Please text: 1-833-4RCCARS

All Customers please contact us via tawk.to here online if "Not Away" or "preferred" utilize our toll free phone during normal business hours Monday through Friday 10am-5pm at 1-833-4Rc-Cars. Currently we do not have the staff to support email services and you will not get any email response. We accept both international and national calls and text messaging. Calling or texting the number above is the only route to your inquiries. If you leave a message before or after hours we will respond during the next available business hours.  Thank You!

FREE USA Shipping.
​All Customers: Please visit our Shipping and Policies page prior to any purchasing and also in regards to International shipping costs and our policy regarding payments prior to purchasing or your order will be refunded.

**​Please Note typical timelines for Custom parts is 1-3 weeks and Custom builds are 6-12 weeks and longer depending upon what you have requested and the complexities involved in machining those parts. We have an extensive backup of custom builds. We will give you our best approximation at time of quote however that timeline can change at any given moment due to various circumstances. Otherwise by ordering you agree to the terms of timeline.

BUSINESS HOURS; are listed at the bottom right on the HOME page. Please be respectful and utilize the hours provided. If Tawk.to is Online you may also utilize that feature during standard business hours. Please do not leave any Tawk.to offline messages they will not be read. IT is an Occasional Feature Utilized certain times of the week day.