LiPo 9700 4S

14.8v Battery Pack

Hard Case Race


LiPo 6500

4S 14.8v Dual Core ​

HobbyStar 74s 5/150c 6500mAh.

​HobbyStar 2s 100/200c 8000mAh

Batteries and Battery Tray Expansions

HobbyStar 3s 100/200c 8000mAh

LiPo 9000XL 4S 14.8v Battery Pack

ATTENTION: We No Longer offer Promatch because we now have the Fastlane Turbo batteries that are your mid high end quality battery blowing away any other battery in or near its class. 100's of battery sizes so please feel free to call and request one for your custom needs.

LiPo 11,000 4S 14.8v Battery Pack

Quality Matters in Batteries

FASTLANE TURBOS, Battery Trays, and Pedastel Kits for Raising Hold Downs.

MaxAmps Lipos

In the event you need a MaxAmps warranty please refer to the manufacturer for their policy in regards to exchange and/or replacement. We are not authorized to refund or exchange any LiPo products on their behalf. Below is a link to Maxamps Warranty details. Also see our Shipping and Policies page.


Fastlane Hobbies is an Authorized Distributor of Maxamps Batteries. Each Battery is Custom Ordered for your application and shipped freshly manufactured. These batteries unlike others dont sit on the shelves. Another reason we also chose Promatch for the limited time spent shelf sitting.

​At Fastlane Hobbies we are very particular about the batteries we choose and use here and what we offer our customers. We believe in value and quality and when it comes to Lipo batteries it is a corner you don't want to cut. So many homes burning down from cheap overseas batteries manufactured without stringent testing like Floureon and similar companies who accept no liability for the damage and catastrophe they cause in peoples lives. Trust in quality batteries and remember to always follow the manufacturers guidelines, basic lipo safety and storage rules. Please Contact Us if any question which ones to use for your particular application. After recent continued testing of HobbyStar (RcJuice) batteries we found them to be mislabeled and not up to par with our stringent quality requirements so we will no longer be offering their inferior mislabeled products. 

If in any event you should need warranty services please contact Promatch batteries. We do not provide any refunds for other manufacturer products nor do we handle warranty exchange. Here is a link to Promatch Racing Warranty Policy. See Also our Shipping and Policies page.

11/08/2018 UPDATE: We are currently 9-11 business days behind processing orders of certain items. What this means is once order processing begins it may be another 2-3 days after you receive tracking confirmation before your item departs. PLEASE NOTE: The US Postal driver who picks up has notified Fastlane Hobbies that USPS handheld scanners have been reprogrammed and the drivers can no longer scan for departure scans so your item may look like it hasn't shipped until it arrives to you. Items over $100 in the USA typically ship 2-3 day priority and items under $100 ship parcel 2-9 business days. This is unfortunate and inconvenient for everyone so if you want tracking please do a phone order and request UPS shipping for an additional fee. In the event of a authorized return please be sure and contact us by phone and request a RMA number and acquire the proper return instructions at that time.